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Compare F | D | G (FlyerDistributionGlasgow) to Royal Mail Door to Door services.

Written by Nikolas Tod (Follow me on
Flyer Distribution Glasgow services vs Royal Mail door to door services

This comparison illustrates the differences between using a reliable and dedicated leaflet distribution company like F|D|G ( and Royal Mail door drop services.

The main aim of the comparison is to highlight and offer to consideration the strong and weak points of each choice thus giving better understanding and familiarity to the customer when making the choice of preferred door drop supplier. There is a huge choice out there of different distribution companies but the truth is that not all are the same and not all provide quality services to its clients.

Making the booking for your direct marketing campaign:
Usually Royal Mail requires at least 4-6 weeks advance booking. Your leaflets/promotional materials need to be with them 3 weeks prior the delivery campaign commences.
We at F|D|G require only 2 days prior notice and something we can accept same day booking event!

Delivery of your promotional materials:
Royal Mail requires your flyers to be with them at least 3 weeks before the distribution commences. If they are not with them your distribution campaign is cancelled.
At F|D|G we only require 1 day prior the distribution commences, so we can have enough time to prepare the leaflets in bundles and measure the quantities.

How should your stock be send to the depot?

Royal Mail states that: All stock needs to be counted and places in boxes of no more than 10kg. Clear labels stating kg, counts and description are required.
F|D|G needs only the boxes a count of leaflets and this is it.

Areas covered by Royal Mail and F|D|G (
R.M. will only cover full postcode sectors. This means that you are not able to specifically target half postcode sector or only specific streets and areas. Your leaflet will be delivered to a everyone no matter whether you wish to go there or not. So, how wasteful is this?!?
On the other hand, F|D|G can go directly to a sub postcode level, area level or even specific street. Now, how targeted is this?

Volume and Minimum booking for your direct marketing campaign:
Royal Mail requires your booking to be for at least £500. This means that if you have targeted smaller area to be covered you don’t have an option but to pay more. Sometimes even twice as the normal rate. This is what we call “burning money”.
F|D|G only requires you to book of minimum amount of 1,000 leaflets. No matter you wish to make a leaflet distribution in Glasgow or somewhere else we ONLY require 1,000 leaflets.

Accountability of the Leaflet Distribution Businesses:
As a general rule the Direct Marketing industry is operating under the rule that 85% is considered as a positive distribution rate. Funny enough, Royal Mail is not different at all. Let’s imagine that you book a distribution with them. You can them and comment that a couple of people that should have received the leaflet have not received it. Now imagine what will be their response. We will tell you. They will not care at all. According to their terms and conditions 10% non delivery is acceptable. So, you can never actually build a strong case against R.M for non delivery of your leaflets.
We operate under the understanding that if we are paid to deliver 10,000 we should aim at least 98% positive response rate. This means that we strive to go further the acceptable levels of 10-15% used by the Royal Mail, TNT etc and offer almost perfect service to our customers. To help us with this we have fully utilize the efficiency and benefit of personal GPRS tracking which gives our customers additional peace of mind.

Reporting & back checking after the completion of the distribution:
The distribution of your leaflets during the R.Mail campaign will be undertaken for a period of one week. During this week, you will not be informed which areas are covered. This means that you are not able to regulate and properly schedule to cope with possible enquiries. You will NEVER be informed when the distribution is completed and you will NEVER receive a leaflet distribution report. We are F|D|G will keep you update during the WHOLE leaflet distribution campaign. Which areas are covered and which areas are being covered. This will give you the chance to properly schedule and cope with the expected demand for your services. This way you can always get the best from your leaflet distribution Glasgow or anywhere in Scotland.

For making an enquire for a possible leaflet distribution in Glasgow,
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