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Leaflet Supervisors in Glasgow by the F|D|G Flyer Distribution Glasgow

Written by Nikolas Tod (Follow me on
Leaflet Supervisors in Glasgow by the Flyer Distribution Glasgow

Why using full time leaflet supervisors is extremely important for achieving best results with you leaflet and flyer distribution campaign.

We are going straight to the point with this one. One of the most important & well tested systems for back checking your leaflet distribution campaigns is the supervisors system. We have fully utilized the strong points of the supervisors system here at F|D|G Flyer Distribution Glasgow and are happy to report that it works great.

Most companies use only one method of back checking or ONLY rely fully on their GPRS trackers. Implementing the GPRS systems keeps the costs low for the delivery companies but it only shows data of movements and not the whole picture. This basically means that these companies are satisfied that only half of the work will be done and their customers will receive a half completed job. What!? As a major rule for F|D|G Flyer Distribution Glasgow a job is done ONLY when our client is fully satisfied.

A GPRS tracker is important & useful but it cannot be a full replacement for the supervisors. A tracker can do a lot of things but it cannot motivate the distributing staff, cannot knock on doors and ask whether they have received your leaflets and cannot watch & supply additional leaflets to the distribution staff when needed. Most importantly if the distribution staff is not motivated throughout the distribution they will not do the job at the best possible level. It is that simple and this is FACT.

Most distribution companies have stopped using leaflet distribution supervisor and one relying solely on GPRS tracker. We at F|D|G Flyer Distribution Glasgow believe that both systems should be used at the same time, so to provide the best possible results for our customers.

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