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Is Flyer Distribution Cheao, or just cost effective?

Written by Nikolas Tod (Follow me on
Is Flyer Distribution Cheap or just cost effective

It is clear that Flyer Distribution is fast transforming itself from being recognized as "cheap" into "cost effective".

Marketing professionals often refer to flyer distribution as a “cheap” way of advertising compared to other mediums available like; TV advertising, Radio advertising, Online Advertising and even Direct Mail Drops. On one hand it is absolutely true that leaflet distribution is a cost effective way of promoting your business or a service, but being referred to as “cheap” is definitely not true.
The main idea, most marketers “promote” the idea of door to door deliveries is of very cheap marketing materials being delivered by kids or random people without any specific targeting. But, we all know that this is far from the truth…..

Marketing professional that know the “truth”.
It is very strange that still a lot of marketing experts take a very negative attitude toward any flyer distribution campaign & door drop promotion. For me the answer is quite simple. They just want to make their customers commit to larger marketing budgets for online, TV or Radio campaigns.
Better still, there are marketing gurus, who don’t even consider the possibilities that direct marketing drops can offer to their clients.
Interestingly during the economic recession, a lot of things have changed. One of them was the increase in volumes of door drop campaigns. This was quite an unexpected phenomenon, to be honest. Suddenly a lot of High Class brands started using and implementing door drops in their marketing mix. One part was mainly because they were basing the fact that the marketing budgets were shifting. The other was that maybe they finally understood the benefits flyer distribution can offer them.

Flyer Distribution. Finally a great advertising tool.
Cala Homes and Pure Gym are just two of the many national companies using heavily door drops in their marketing mix. These two companies clearly illustrate the versatility and difference between the companies using flyer deliveries.
Leaflet distributions can be used by huge multinational businesses as much as being implemented by SME’s. Using it saves money, increases brand awareness and provides great ROI on your marketing investments.
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