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8 Golden Rules of Leaflet Distribution Marketing. Follow them for best results

Written by Nikolas Tod (Follow me on
8 Golden rules of Direct Marketing in Scotland, Glasgow area

When organizing your door to door leaflet distribution and direct marketing campaign it is always important to follow these 8 Golden rules.

Now, continuing on from the previous discussion, regardless of if a small company is initiating an intricate & well planned brand advertising method or a swift & effective direct response advertising plan, the key factor to maintain is that the approach has to be Direct Marketing. Cutting out the middle man ensures more feedback & results & that leads to better developed ideas, products & services that the business can offer customer or clients. For a more solid & successful strategy, there are 8 golden rules that can help achieve the organization’s objectives & goals.

1. The concept behind any form of marketing is to entice the customers to the product or service that is being sold. Therefore, providing some sort of offer for the customer is usually an ideal way to gain interest. This could include anything ranging from discounts to free trials but the main thing to keep in sight is to leave a lingering effect on the customer that'll make them remember and consider purchasing the product or service.

2. Following on from the first point about leaving the customer intrigued by what is being sold, fuel that by making the product/service seem like a once in a life time opportunity, a unique idea or a limited edition by fusing it with time limits, first come first serve basis or a seasonal offer only. Ideally, leaving a short space of time for the customer to reconsider entails a better retention opportunity and they're more likely to try or consider what is being advertised.

3. Simply stating the details of the offer & what it's about won't encourage them to obtain it. Details such as location, times, contact numbers & collection methods should always be included for a higher success rate. A bad example would be " Call us on 0845 6769202 to claim your introductory 300 free business cards" whereas "To obtain your 300 free business cards, call us on our offers number 0845 6769202 or email us at they'll be sent out right away". Let them know that the contact details as specifically for what they are wanting.

4. The best & most accurate way to see how well the offers are doing is by adding some sort of tracking or monitoring service with what is being advertised. There is a variety of ways you can do this including the traditional offer codes to using social media pages such as a Facebook page to advertise your offers & business. With social media, a free monitoring & insights management tool is included to see who & how many people have viewed your posts as well as the location.

5. Trying to create an evident sense of brand awareness via the offers is not the end result of direct response marketing. For further information as to why this is a different section for the marketing strategy, please view the opening paragraph & link to the preceding blog.

6. Sales do not happen overnight or at the first day of the offers being available so it is essential to keep following leads using the tracking methods, feedback forms, calls, questionnaires& so on. Again, it is vital to keep the approach of direct marketing in place with customer & clients. also to convince customers why they should opt for your service or product. Realistically, it'll take about 5-7 follow ups before any buying consideration is taken so patience& constant contact with customers is vital.

7. Be original and natural about what it is that you can give them & do for them. Make them realize why they need what you have. Avoiding generic statements such as "We're what you're looking for" or "best leaflet distribution company" as you can guarantee many other businesses have stated the same. What is it that makes you different in terms of your service, your products & the way you can deliver.

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